Saturday, January 10, 2015

Post Title or Another Routine?

So a few weeks ago I'll admit it I was feeling depressed (Thank you Holiday seasons)
But while I knew it had crept up on me I felt a certain satisfaction knowing it was there.
Now I'm not saying knowing I can be depressed brings me joy, but at the same time it kindly reminds I'm human (sadly I'm not a super hero as some would think), and sometimes it's okay to be sad. So as I awaited those holiday blues I looked him square in the eyes and smiled right back.  Then this came to mind. So I hope you enjoy this and I haven't thought of a name.

I'm sick 'n tired of the same routine
Something good comes along
And I'm looking ruin it                        
I've chased my dreams for far to long
As they all burnt out
I'm trying to ignite what's inside myself        

Laying in my room                              
and nothing to show for it        

My demons hold me down
as the world wraps it's hands
tighter around my neck.

The least I'll do is wipe this smile from my face!    

I've been here I've been here        
There's nothing new to me
And I know, we all know
You want to see us kick and scream
I'll do my best not to laugh
But that's promise in contrast
Because the beauty's in laughter
Brought by pain.

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