Monday, December 29, 2014

What I'd Give.

Well it's the holidays again! Who doesn't love them right? I know for myself I try to get into the season but sometimes it is tough because it's a burden of sorts trying to make everything fall into place. We need just the right gifts to give, we need to be given what we want, we need to want, otherwise how could it be needing? So I got to thinking and I realized again if I could have one thing right now. It'd just to be to sit down with my two grandparents who loved Christmas and catch up on the last seven years they've been gone. This one is for my grandpa and I hope you enjoy it.

What I'd give.

I don't like being home
It reminds me of where I'm at
But I'll drive by your house
knowing you're not there.

I'm out of clever metaphors
I can't mask this forever
but I'll keep my head high
because I know you'd tell me too

Your gloves are in my dresser  
They still smell like Vix and cigarettes
Sometimes I'll put them on to smoke
So it's like you're here again.

The holidays always bring me down
A reminder that you're not around
And if you can hear my prayers
I just want you to know I miss you.  

Well Greg married Jen           
And Laurel finished school
But I'm just going from town to town
Too find out who I am

Moms been nagging me
To go settle down
I think I found the girl
But I'm still sailing around the world
I just hope she likes Dallas Green
as much as me.

Late nights in my car
listening to real friends
I think I have four or five
but sometimes it's easier just not to think

I looked after grandma
Until she finally passed
I did my best to keep my word
It's all you asked of me

It's Christmas time again
All the people say joy and peace!
But God, what I would give
to hear you say you're proud
of me.

Can't I trade this Christmas ghost?
I'd rather just have my time alone
Or if I could I'd wish that it was you.
I'd let you know that I miss you.

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