Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Today was a good day or more of yesterday?

So I wanted to write this the other night but I was pretty dang tired so I kinda fell asleep while doing it so now that I am up I shall finish what I started!

For being sick and having my day start out pretty bland it ended up getting much better. I woke to no one else in the house being up so I was bored and watched some anime because that's how I roll when I'm bored haha but yeah so I watched anime for a next two hours and slowly felt my life being wasted away so I wanted to start to do some things around the house, only to the avail of my mom waking up and coming down stairs so I stopped.

Later my mom made her awesome french toast and I had two slices which were awesome and then the show maneaters started showing on the t.v. and it was on GREAT WHITE SHARKS!!! probably my number one favorite killing machine that scares me to death to even think about getting in the water when they're in it haha but that's just from to much shark week and studying

anywhoo after chuck came over for are ever tuesday pilgrimage to Bj's to go eat some nice flat bread pizza and see are favorite waitress Ann Marie (AKA Dr. Pepper Girl) so we went and didn't see her so we sat in another area only to see that she was there. After a few of our random encounters of her saying hey and us asking where is are dr. pepper it was getting towards the end of the meal.

Now as most people know I have just gotten out of a pretty Eh relationship and I feel as if I need to start dating again but not in a serious matter more of just a date to date have some fun and see if it happens again. So in doing so before we left I decided that I was going to give Dr Pepper Girl my number and see how it goes, and on top of that chuck had to call me out saying I didn't have the balls to do it. So there was my positive and negative motivations to back me.

So when I flirt I guess I try to be clever or just cheesy? I don't really know haha but I had received a gift card for bj's for CHRISTmas so in the little holder that it came with it fold open and closes. So on the outside of the holder I crossed out my name and put to: dr pepper girl (ann marie) and on the inside I put my name and number and below it I put " one free trip to el taco and a dr pepper, merry xmas"

So now with my oh so perfect set up before we left I went over and told her here this is for you and said if she would like to hang out she gets one free trip to el taco and a dr pepper and that if she doesn't want too no hard feelings I'll still be coming around. She laughed and said okay awesome and she opened up the card and saw that I actually put those things and my number. So I don't know if that is good or bad but either way I DID IT!!! and it felt good haha :)

I don't know why but it just feels nice to have fun and be me and not have any restrictions to me being me. Also it's nice to just go out there and not worry whether or not the person is going to entirely reject you. if they dont call they dont call if they do they do but either way it's still just enjoyable haha

so that is the tale of dr pepper girl and we will see if it goes anywhere or not.

OTHER THAN THAT! I had some good ol guy time with cory and stephen pate. Got some coffee and talked at starbucks for almost 3 hours coming up with ideas for the kids because that's what we do.... in 3D!!! (inside joke but we love william wood and his 3D movie references) but we have come up with lots of ideas and I can't wait till we get to tell the other leaders about it. I really think they are good!!!

Along with that we watched the latest resident evil movie not in 3D though it was not as bad as the last one or the first. either way it was just eh but it was enjoyable mocking it and hanging out because it's rare too do these days. Also for later on in the evening myself and Cory ventured over to Paddys house and messed around on the halo game where it consisted of cory trying to kill me because I was stealing his golf balls and I don't know why but it was very enjoyable.

So overall the day and night was good and I am pretty content with how it went. So there is my tale haha

i'm out

Friday, November 5, 2010

recent pictures 2009-2010

above: sea turtles are awersome. this one even came to say hello

above: my ding bat dog pooka

above: after the sea turtle said hello he said goodbye


ABOVE: i guess he is photogenic

above: is a modified picture of a door at my dads shop it seems like it would lead to narnia or something so i played around with it for a bit and changed a few colors.

above: this is just a regular picture of the door dunno why but i do like it

above: my teacher said i couldn't draw so i did the next best thing and made a skull with my eraser

above: my cat sheer kon loves sleeping with her forehead on the floor

above: i pissed off this eel just so i could get that picture haha totally worth it.

above: a picture of the clouds in arizona under a sky so blue

above: i just call this one "down the road" another arizona pic

above: i love the way the hills look in that shot

above: again i was trying to get a better picture of the hills it turned out okay for just a cell phone picture

Above: just a random picture of dr pepper i brought it to bjs brewer because they dont serve it, the waitress thought it was awesome.

my recent drawings and works

Above is a random drawing i did of a twig man who is about to be eaten by an alien frog monster wtf thing. i call it, Goodbye Twiggy.

The drawing above came from a song i listened too by the band Thrice the song is called the lion and the wolf. it basically talks about how sin leads to death and the course goes "the lion waits outside of your door the wolf is in your bed" i drew the wolf the rest needs to be worked on.

if i recall i think me and cory were at one of our sisters concerts and i was bored so above is a mummy with a peg leg. the title is on it but gotta love church notecard drawings

above is my next tattoo idea i need to still color it though and a few other drawings but the idea is from Lamentations and the nick name for Christ is the Man of Sorrows. on the banner i'll put lametations on the top and the chapter its in on the bottom.

this is my ruff sketch of my shirt i need to make. it'll be called the Jesus the original party guy

if not obvious this was a burn shirt idea i had for the boys at the burn we will see where it goes

originally i just drew a flower and did a little touch up with my computer graphics. i was going to make it a a girls burn shirt but i dunno we will see where it goes

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

some art to come

well i since school has started and been around for a while me creative process has been flowing while restricted to a desk with two things, a pencil and blank paper. so in the process and with some help with some friends(paul wallace) i have been able to work on some new designs and create some random yet fun drawings. so hopefully by next week latest i'll have those up and along with this i'll be adding up some pictures i have taken over the past year so i'll see how it goes. so until then

Friday, May 14, 2010


HAHAHAHA!!! i don't know why but it feels so liberating getting rid of lamebook. don't get me wrong it has it's useful purposes but other than that i see no point for it unless i want to keep in touch with really long distance relationships. otherwise why not call em up and hang out!

also out of my pondering i wonder why everyone and their mom(literally some of my friends moms were like don't delete it!!!) acted like it was a sin of the highest account to delete it. is it not my choice to keep it or not? any who i am now going to start blogging. so here i am and ready with some new ideas!!!!

in which will come soon so GOODBYE FACEBOOK!!!!!!! hello sweet sweet blog :)

Thursday, May 6, 2010

I've returned!

Okay so i've decided to get rid of my facebook and write on here instead because i feel that this is more personal and people who actually care will voice their opinion. sooooo hello blogging i'm back in action and i have some new ideas that will really make them scream!!! just kidding about the screaming part but i'm back