Friday, November 5, 2010

my recent drawings and works

Above is a random drawing i did of a twig man who is about to be eaten by an alien frog monster wtf thing. i call it, Goodbye Twiggy.

The drawing above came from a song i listened too by the band Thrice the song is called the lion and the wolf. it basically talks about how sin leads to death and the course goes "the lion waits outside of your door the wolf is in your bed" i drew the wolf the rest needs to be worked on.

if i recall i think me and cory were at one of our sisters concerts and i was bored so above is a mummy with a peg leg. the title is on it but gotta love church notecard drawings

above is my next tattoo idea i need to still color it though and a few other drawings but the idea is from Lamentations and the nick name for Christ is the Man of Sorrows. on the banner i'll put lametations on the top and the chapter its in on the bottom.

this is my ruff sketch of my shirt i need to make. it'll be called the Jesus the original party guy

if not obvious this was a burn shirt idea i had for the boys at the burn we will see where it goes

originally i just drew a flower and did a little touch up with my computer graphics. i was going to make it a a girls burn shirt but i dunno we will see where it goes

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