Friday, May 14, 2010


HAHAHAHA!!! i don't know why but it feels so liberating getting rid of lamebook. don't get me wrong it has it's useful purposes but other than that i see no point for it unless i want to keep in touch with really long distance relationships. otherwise why not call em up and hang out!

also out of my pondering i wonder why everyone and their mom(literally some of my friends moms were like don't delete it!!!) acted like it was a sin of the highest account to delete it. is it not my choice to keep it or not? any who i am now going to start blogging. so here i am and ready with some new ideas!!!!

in which will come soon so GOODBYE FACEBOOK!!!!!!! hello sweet sweet blog :)


  1. Their loss because they don't know how to use Google Reader?

  2. I won't delete mine, but I've decided to keep political stuff primarily on google reader. I'm sure every now and then though I'll see something that I just have to bring to the masses attention, and facebook is great for that.

  3. Or heck, even if I never post on facebook, it's like a google reader for the average person. When I do post on the blarg, it can let all those people know.

    But anyways, looking forward to your blogs tom.

  4. I'm thinking of setting up Wordbooker to still push stuff to Facebook, but disable comments on my wall. Force people to come over. Then remove most of my content, remove most notifications and stop checking it.