Friday, November 5, 2010

recent pictures 2009-2010

above: sea turtles are awersome. this one even came to say hello

above: my ding bat dog pooka

above: after the sea turtle said hello he said goodbye


ABOVE: i guess he is photogenic

above: is a modified picture of a door at my dads shop it seems like it would lead to narnia or something so i played around with it for a bit and changed a few colors.

above: this is just a regular picture of the door dunno why but i do like it

above: my teacher said i couldn't draw so i did the next best thing and made a skull with my eraser

above: my cat sheer kon loves sleeping with her forehead on the floor

above: i pissed off this eel just so i could get that picture haha totally worth it.

above: a picture of the clouds in arizona under a sky so blue

above: i just call this one "down the road" another arizona pic

above: i love the way the hills look in that shot

above: again i was trying to get a better picture of the hills it turned out okay for just a cell phone picture

Above: just a random picture of dr pepper i brought it to bjs brewer because they dont serve it, the waitress thought it was awesome.

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