Saturday, February 14, 2015

I'm just tired.

I'm just tired or maybe care too much?
I don't really know, but I do know
That a persons heart shouldn't remain like a log chained to the mill
Assuming it will only grow to be cut down then sawed in half.
Love's being treated like a masquerade by the masses. Everyone puts on masks, and hopes to find romance by being something else.
I'll gladly step onto the ballroom floor letting my scared heart show, and I'll be a fool if I let them reprimand me.
See every crack and line is a second in time where I was willing to be vulnerable.

And those seconds turned to minutes and minutes to hours and those hours to days where I'd face through the nights to understand love.
While my brain grasps my heart burning like hands clinching ice it's pondering "why are you hoping to hope that just maybe you would mean something more?" as the cracks grow thicker showing the chasm inside my chest still has a heart that's beating to the off beat of the masqueraders song.

I simply smile, because I know I can't lie to myself. That the second I put on that mask I'm willingly damming me to march in counts of three to the lie we're all wanting to be.

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