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Tears of The Saints, script 1.

So to give you an idea behind the characters here are some simple Bios on them and what they are about for the first issue. There will be some people mentioned in the bios who will not make an appearance or be in this issue but it's okay, the second is already under works.

Noel Havoc- Serves as Gods Judge, and is given the ability to see the spiritual realm and interact with it. It is his job to deal justice to those seen fight within his eyes. He grew up in Father Gabriels orphanage with childhood friends Abel Hope, and Staci Lockheart. Taken under the wing of the Father after his father was killed Noel swore vengance on the Mob. After fleeing from working under the mob he joins the military and returns only to find almost everything he loves destroyed by the mob yet again but this time he takes action.

Abel Hope-  Was born with the ability to see and interact with the spiritual realm. As Noels best friend he is called to hold Noel accountable for his actions. More of reason then action Abel tends to try to avoid situations and solve them peacefully. After Noel left Abel left the orphanage. He used his gift to help people. The mob still pursued him so he changed his name to Nash Remington to avoid conflict, and learned professional boxing and martial arts from Russ Remington, who was forced to return due to his vulgar and drunk nature.

Russ Remington- Abels master and mentor. After Abel leaves the orphanage he was asked prior to take him under his guidance by Father Gabriel. Even though he was a professional boxer he was kicked out of the league for also using drunken style. He says he's not an addict but it's just his favorite way to fight. After training Abel they performed side jobs such as security or personal body guards as a source of income. Other then that much is not known about this drunken master.

Father Gabriel- Not much is known of Father Gabriels past except that he seems to have a connection with Augustonia the God Father of the Italian mob and he knew Noels father. He personal tends to and takes care of the orphanage in Omen city where he is literally willing to take in any child who needs help. He personally trains Noel and Gabriel as children to help them learn to fend for themselves while they are sent on tasks to help the mob when needed. He doesn't like the idea but it's his only way to help keep the mob from charging the orphanage for protection.

Cesar Augstonia the II.- God Father of the Italian mob. He uses his resources to exploit everything and everyone he is a tyrant, and a traitor. Back when the three mobs of Omen were at peace he rose up and took power slowly overthrowing the other mobs making a monopoly of crime and expanding his territory until he had full control of Omen. He knows Father Gabriel and Russ Remington on a personal level, but other then that not many know as to why.

Jason Rile- Originally the Irish mobs original hit-man, but was recruited by the Italian mob to work personally under Augstonia. He hates Augstonia and has a vendetta against the whole mob but only few know of it. He becomes possessed by Wrath and eventually becomes a host to it. He is an expert in marksmanship, had to hand combat, and light weapon handling.

Wrath #3 of the 7 Deadly sins- Wrath is a demonic entity who is one of the 7 deadly sins. He is able to attach himself to only one host, and once he does he starts to spiritually posses the host then moves to a physical transformation. Once the host is physically absorbed he gains full control of the body and can mold weapons out of exterior tissue. Also gains superhuman strength, speed, and stamina.

Side note- Once all the 7 Deadly sins have physical bodies they can gather together and open the gates to hell and unleash the apocalypse on earth.

(Also I know there is no Biblical accuracy to that. The point of this comic is to convey scripture and how it can be used as a weapon to fight back. So I'm just letting my imagination go with it but not run wild. In the later issues it will definitely show this. Okay tangent done)

Now that you have and idea of what is to come please read and enjoy. Or hate it. Or have mutual feelings? I dunno do as you please!

I present to you Tears of The Saints.

Tears of The Saints. 
Issue #1 Script. "The Calling."

Box 1. Stepping down a stone path up hill through Omen City
Box 2/3. Still stepping but slowly revealing Noel while he is thinking.
2. "It's been six years."
3. "Six long years since I left home."
Box 4. Pan on Noels face. "Now I'm finally back! I wonder how Father Gabriel is?"
Box 5. "Hope he hasn't had to much trouble while I was gone" Still walking
Box 6. Noel stops while looking down. "Oh well, I just can't wait to see all the new kids he's taken in and my friends."
Box 7. Noel smiles while his head is still down.
Box.8. Noel goes into a full sprint to reach the top and yells "HEY EVERYON-!"
Box 9. Zoomed in on his eye. "Oh my God...."
Box 10. Shows the orphanage burned down with Noel standing in front of the remaining gates.
Box 11. Noel falls to his knees and is teary eyed. "Why? Why did this happen???"
Box 12. Noel Screaming into the night.
Box 13. Title of the comic, picture of Noel leaning over while 3 figures approach slowly from behind.
Box 14. Figures get closer to Noel, he starts to slowly stand up.
Box 15. Guard 1 "Noel Havoc our boss would like to have a word with you."
Box 16. Noel stands with his back turned saying "Your boss can rot in HELL FOR ALL I CARE!"
Box 17.   Guards start surrounding Noel. Guard 2 "I'm sure our boss would beg to differ." Guard 3 "Your choice kid. You can try to run like before?"
Box 18. Shows guard 3 smirking "Or maybe this time be a man."
Box 19. Noel turns his head slightly and hears Guard 2 "This is going to be quick we promise."
Box 20. Noel rushes Guard 2.
Box 21. He throws a punch.
Box 22. Guard 2 barely dodges but gets hit with a knee to the gut.
Box. 23. Then gets round house kicked.
Box. 24. Guard 1 swings but misses.
Box 25. As Noel Dodges he gets hit Guard 3.
Box 26. Guard 1 grabs Noel and puts him into a hold.
Box 27. Guard 3 makes a clear hit to the face
Box 28. Noel getting pummeled.
Box 29. Guard 2 gets up "So you think you're tough kid?"
Box 30. Flicks his wrist and switch blade comes outs.
Box 31. Guard 2 smiling again "It's time to teach you some manners kid!"
Box 32. A quick flash.
Box 33. Guard 2 is ko'd and a person is stand there "Jerk, you didn't tell me you didn't even send me a postcard"
Box 34. Character turns and it's Abel Hope.
Box 35.Noel smiles while nodding his head.
Box.36. Noel throws Guard 1 while Abel ko's Guard 3.
Box 37. Abel turns towards Noel as he is kicking Guard 1 in the face.
Box 38.Abel "Follow me, I know a place where it's safe."
Box 39. Noel and Abel leaving.
Box 40. Noel turns his head one more time to look at the orphanage.
Box 41. They run into the shadows.
Box 42. Image of an old tattered building. Noel "What is this?"
Box 43. Abel starts walking inside "Home for now."
Box 44. Empty room with two wall candles on each side and one elevator in the middle. Noel "Won't it be easy to find us?"
Box 45. Abel walking towards to the candle on the far right "Nope"
Box 46. Abel pulls the candle down and a passageway opens.
Box 47. Abel "After you" as he extends his arm into the passageway.
Box 48. Shows a security room with monitors and has the caption "Abels Hide Out"
Box 49. Abel sitting "Come have a seat."
Box 50. Noel leaning against a wall "I'll stand but thanks. So how did you come across this place?"
Box 51. Abel starring towards Noel " Doesn't matter, what I want to know is where did you go?"
Box 52. Noel looks down silently. Abel "Noel! Where did you go!?"
Box 53. Noel still looking down. "I left town. Went to Rancid and joined the military. That's about it."
Box 54. Abel starring down. "So that's it huh? Well I know you're leaving out the other five years but I want to know one thing?"
Box 55. Noel looks up "And that is?"
Box 56. Abel turns his head towards him "Why didn't you tell anyone!?" Noel "I have my rea-" He gets cut off.
Box 57.Abel  shouting "NO YOU DON'T! Noel you never did! We all could of helped or Father Gabriel could of done something. Or at least lived..."
Box 58. Noels eyes tear up. "What? No. He isn't, You're lying!"
Box 59. Abel looking sadly at Noel "He died trying to save the orphanage."
Box 60. Abel looking down as a tear goes down his face. "The mob boss wanted you. He didn't say why, but he came to collect and you weren't around."

*Flash Back*

Box. 61. Father Gabriel standing in the front entrance. "Now I've told you before Noel is not here Cesar. Now please go before you do anything rash."
Box 62. Cesar looking in. "Now Now my dear father, I need a payment or at least to know where I can collect."
Box 63. Cesar puts his hand on Gabriels shoulder.
Box 64. Both are starring eye to eye from a side view. Gabriel "I'm sorry but he's gone." Cesar "Hmmmmmm."
Box 65. Gunshot.
Box 66. Father Gabriel falls to the ground.
Box 67. Cesar putting his hat on while putting the gun back in his coat "Burn it then leave. We're done with this trash."
Box 68. Guards walk in pouring gasoline onto the curtains and floor.
Box 69. Guard opens a lighter/ then tosses it to the ground.
Box 70. They all walk out.
Box 71. Pans to the top of the stairs and Abel stands up in horror.
Box 72. He runs down the stairs to Father Gabriels side.
Box 73. Abel is trying to lift Gabriel up "FATHER! FATHER IT'S OKAY! We can get you out in time!"
Box 74. Shows Gabriels face " Abel come closer. I need you to remember this."
Box 75. Abel leans in as the father is lying on the ground with the flames slowly growing closer. "When Noel returns. You must..... Show him the... Temple...."
Box 76. Abel teary eyed. "What temple father?"
Box 78. Explosion!

*Out of Flash Back*

Box 79. Room is shaking Noel "What the heck happened!?"
Box 80. Abel stands up "Hold on we'll check the security system"
Box 81. Camera showing men rushing into the front room.
Box 82. Abel "Looks like they breached the gate and are heading down to use the elevator."
Box. 83. Abel looks at Noel." The elevator will take them to a bunch of corridors that's like a maze. It should take them at least 20 mins to find this place." Noel "So what do we do now?"
Box 84. Abel walks over to a desk.
Box 85. He flips open a bible and pushes a button.
Box 86. Another passage opens.
Box 87. Abel looks at Noel " Get you to the orphanage."
Box 88. Noel " Are you serious? We need a place to stand our ground! Or at least hide."
Box 89. Boom! Abel " That sounded close."
Box 90. Abel grabs Noel " Just shut up and listen!"
Box 91. Abel throws Noel through the door.
Box.92. Sewer lid slowly opens in the middle of a alley.
Box 93. Noel standing up while patting his sleeve "You were always good at getting out of tight spots."
Box 94. Abel moves lid back "Haha I guess you're right, but we need to go!"
Box 95. Both start running towards the alleyway entrance.
Box 96. Two guards walk by to see them.
Box 97. Guard radioing in "Target sighted! Back west alleywa-"
Box 98. Bam! Noel punching guard while Abel kicks the other
Box 99. Both run out into the street only to be spotted by more guards.
Box 100. Guards swarm surrounding them.
Box 101. Noel and Abel standing surrounded by 30 guards. Abel " Why'd you have to piss him off! Now the whole cities looking for us!" Noel "I never said come and help me you moron so no complaining!"
Box 102. Old man laying in the gutter stands up behind one of the guards.
Box 103. He swings his bottle and hits the guard in front of him knocking him out.
Box 104. He raises the broken bottle to take a drink but sees that nothing is coming out.
Box 105. Drunk man tosses the bottle and says "So this is your friend Abe?"
Box 106. Noel turns around and looks confused.
Box 107. Abel " Yes master this is my friend Noel."
Box 108.  Drunk " Then get him to the orphanage! I can handle these sleese buckets no problem."
Box 109. Noel "Master?" Abel "I'll explain later but for now-"
Box 110. Drunk "HEY! Get going kiddies!"
Box 111. Abel " Right! Lets go Noel!"
box 112. Running away while drunk stands there.
Box 113. Drunk standing while smirking " Now remember ladies the names...."
Box 114. "Russ Remington" Pans into a close up of his face.
Box 115. Russ " Now lets get this party started!"
Box 116. Noel while running "So he looked after you?" Abel "Yeah pretty much"
Box 117. They turn a corner and there is the orphanage.
Box 118. Abel "Well here we are. Lets get inside quick"
Box 119. Inside the orphanage. Abel pointing "Go down that passageway till you hit a large door." Noel you mean fathers prayer room?"
Box 120. Abel "Exactly once you see the door it will have a seal on it. Solve it and then go inside."
Box 121. Noel "But only father could get in there."
Box 122. Abel looking serious "He said you'd figure it out now go!"
Box 123. Noel goes off to the right, Abel is turning around "Meet back at the front I need to grab some things I left here anyway."
Box 124. Back to Russ Remington. Guards are all on the ground ko'd as he is sitting on top of one trying to get a drop from the broken bottle again.
Box 125. The sound of footsteps slowly walking up from out of the dark.
Box 126. Reveals Jason Rile.
Box 127. Rile and Russ staring each other down.
Box 128. Rile is smirking and he takes off his glasses.
Box 129. Rile "It's been some time Remington, looks like the years have treated you poorly."
Box 130. Russ "My drink is empty, do you have anything to spare?"
Box 131. Rile Laughing "Hahaha! I have nothing for you old drunk, but I can arrange a grave for you to rest in."
Box 132. Russ stands "As spunky as ever huh boy? To bad your mob is six feet under."
Box 133. Rile shouts "Shut up!"
Box 134. Rile clinches his hand into a fist and it starts glowing black "Now eat your words old fool..."
Box 135. Riles body being consumed by darkness as his eyes glow red
Box 136. Russ standing looking extremely worried. "Holy cra-."

Box.137. Abel running down a hall.
Box 138. He goes into a room on the left at the end of the hall.
Box 139. He walks over and opens a still remaining safe.
Box 140. First he pulls out a revolver in a holster.
Box 141. Second he pulls out a hat, and cloak.

*Flash Back*

Box 142. Abel Holding Father Gabriel.
Box 143. Pans to a corner angel of Abel holding Gabriel as he is saying " Abel, The temple is in the last hall on the south side of the orphanage, and the weapons Noel will need will be in a safe on the north."
Box 144. Gabriel coughs up blood, but proceeds to keep talking
Box.145. Abels face as he is crying, Gabriel still talking "This is not merely a mortal weapon but a spiritual one."
Box 146. "Before he receives it he shall be given the ability to see, the spiritual realm... Cough" Gabriel reaching for Abels hand.
Box 147. Abel asks "Like a spiritual realm? Like angels and demons?"
Box 148. Gabriel "Yes , and it will be your job to help guide him."
Box 149. Abel while still holding Gabriel says "I don't understand?" Father "In time you will.. coughs"
Box 150. Father Gabriel breathing heavier " Go find Remington, He will be able to train you, and teach you... to guard the temple..."
Box 151. Father Gabriel reaches up to hold Abels face. " He will help you come to realize how to be a true man of God,"
Box 152. Gabriels hand is slowly drifting away from Abels face and his hand print left in blood " And remember Abel, please forgive your older brother..... Forgive Ca---"

*Out of Flash Back*

Box 153. Abel standing there holding the items. "I need to get these to Noel."
Box 154. Noel Going down a dark stairwell
Box 155. He starts to see light and keeps going.
Box 156. Noel looking shocked at what he sees " Why have I never seen this before?"
Box 157. Noel walking past pillars with torches on them, with a large stone portal (as in a large magnificent castle looking  double door, not a space portal)
Box 158. Comes up to the door and sees there is a missing cross emblem in the center of it.
Box 159. Noel reaches into his shirt pulling out a necklace.
Box 160. Close up on the necklace in Noels hand, "What the? No way it couldn't be."
Box 161. Side view of Noel putting the necklace into it.
Box 162. Doors start to shake and slowly open, as a bright light emerges
Box 163. The doors full open and a shadowed figure is inside.
Box 164. Noel "Oh my Lord!"
Box 165. Noel falls to his knees
Box 166. An angel comes from the light, covered by six wings and holding a burning coal in his fingers.
Box 167. "NOEL!" The angel cries.
Box 168. The Angel asks "Who shall be given the right to see, Noel?" as he starts to slightly open his wings with more light emerging
Box 169. The Angel says " Noel please looks upon me for I am a messenger from the Lord." as the Angel lifts up his right hand
Box 170. "For I have come to give you the right of liberation" as the Angel is still reaching out
Box 171. Front view while Noel is still leaning forward. "To be a prophet for the Lord."
Box 172. Pans to Noels face looking down while still leaning over and the Angel says "You shall be deliverer of his wrath and to judge those who try to damn his redemption."
Box 173. The Angel raises his left hand with the coal "Noel rise and gaze upon me. For I must give you this gift."
Box 174. Pans back to Noels face looking towards the ground, tears start to flow from his eyes  as he says "For who am I to judge or be that who chooses to judge?"
Box 175. The Angel kneels down " For who's choice is it to be given the gift of choice? For the Lord has chosen to give you a gift and he shall guide you to use it."
Box 176. Noel feels the Angels hand reach down and gently hold his chin.
Box 177. Noel still looking down hears the Angel say "Trust in him..."
Box 178. Angel moves Noel face up to look at him.
Box 179. Noel opens his eyes and you can see a reflection of the Angel.
Box 180. The Angels face
Box 181. The Angel asks "Are you ready to receive?"
Box 182. Noel "...Yes"
Box 183. The Angel raises his hand with the coal
Box 184. He touches Noels left eye
Box 185. Then his right eye
Box 186. Noels face as his eyes start to crack.
Box 187. Pieces break and fall out.
Box 188. Noel looks and the Angel is gone along with the room being empty.
Box 189. Noel looks down and there is a tattered cloth on the ground where the Angel stood.
Box 190. He picks it up and ties it around his neck
Box 191. Noel stands up and turns his head with a smirk

*Back in the main hall*

Box 192. Abel is standing in the hall waiting
Box 193. Lights come piercing through old burned down walls and Abel is turning he hears "ABEL HOPE! WE KNOW YOU ARE AIDING A WANTED MAN INSIDE! COME OUT NOW!"
Box 194. Mega phone being held and you can only see the arm holding it and mouth talking " IF YOU DO NOT COMPLY WE WILL BE FORCED TO USE AGGRESSIVE ACTION!"
Box 195. Abel Walking towards door "And if I refuse?"
Box 196. Shows Jason Riles face grinning "Then you can say goodbye to Mr. Remington"
Box 197. A shocked look on Abels face
Box 198. Abel sets the cloak, hat, and gun down in the middle of the hall.
Box 199. He walks out the doorway.
Box 200. He sees Remington beat to a pulp with two men holding him up while one has a gun to his head.
Box 201. He looks to the left and Rile is standing there with a few more men.
Box 202. Rile raises his right hand to halt the other men "Hold on boys, this trash is mine!"
Box 203. Abel smiling "Shall we?
Box 204. He raises his arm crossed like an x and presses a button and one arm band on each arm falls off.
Box 205. Rile rushes at Abel.
Box 206. Rile punches Abel from a back view of over Abels shoulder.
Box 207. From a side view showing Abel caught the punch in his hand.
Box 208. Abel smirks and knees Rile
Box 209. Then grabs Rile
Box 210. Abels kicks Rile into the air
Box 211. Shows him being kicked again but this time from a birds eye view
Box 212. Abel looking up
Box 213. Rile looking down towards him smiling.
Box 214. He grabs Abel by the head and starts spinning
Box 215. Is in the air and is still spinning faster
Box 216. Throws Abel spinning violently towards a broken wall.
Box 217. As Rile lands Abel hits the wall.
Box 218. Abel jumps up
Box 219. Abel charges towards Rile 
Box 220. He throws a punch but misses as Rile steps back to the right
Box 221. He kicks towards Rile but misses
Box 222. Rile jumps over Abel
Box 223. As soon as Rile lands Abel throws his elbow and and hits Rile in the chest.
Box 224. Then Abel makes a fist and throws it backwards directly hitting Rile in the face and knocking him back.
Box 225. Rile goes rolling back onto the ground
Box 226. Rile laying on the ground with a bloody face and broken glasses.
Box 227. Rile sits up laughing as Abel is turning around.
Box 228. Rile standing as he is wiping the blood from his face "I know those moves anywhere!"
Box 229. He leans over and pats his pants as Abel is standing there watching him "So you're more then the boss warned me about. Little Abel all grown up, and raised by the drunkard idiot"
Box 230. Rile looking serious "At least he taught you well."
Box 231. Abel staring down Rile
Box 232. Rile raises his arms up as if confused "Well looks like all good fun must come to an end...."
Box 233. He grabs his face and smirks
Box 234. Abel takes a step back as the ground starts move as Rile is standing there
Box 235.Rile still holding his face but you can see his eyes glowing between his fingers and his body is being submerged in darkness "Now watch Remington as I destroy your work!"
Box 236. Bursts at Abel in super speed
Box 237. Abel looks startled at the transformation
Box 238. Rile in front of him with half his face taken over and his arms transformed.
Box 239. Abel standing in front of Rile "You've been possessed!"
Box 240. Rile punches Abel in the stomach
Box 241. Abel standing there as Riles fist is still in his stomach
Box 242. An aftershock goes hitting Abel a second time and he screams
Box 243. Abel is skidding and bouncing across the yard
Box 244. Abel catches himself
Box 245. As he looks up Rile is already standing above him.
Box 246. Rile grinning "I'm not even-"
Box 247. Rile raising his leg back "WARMED UP!"
Box 248. He kicks Abel into the air
Box 250. Abel spitting up blood
Box 251. As Abel is in the air Rile jumps up.
Box 251. Rile heal drops Abel on the back of the head sending him flying down towards the ground
Box 251. Abel hits the ground and bounces into the front entrance of the orphanage smashing parts of it around him.
Box 252. Smoke is around the entry way
Box 253. Rile lands and is laughing with the demon sticking out of his back
Box 254. Two gun shots are fired out of the smoke
Box 255. One hits the demon in the chest the other hits Rile in his upper left arm.
Box 256. Smoke starts to clear
Box 257. While smoke is clearing it shows Noel and Abel.
Box 258. Abel is being held in Noels left arm as he is kneeling and the gun is pointed with his right at Rile
Box 259. Smoke clears away from the revolver tip
Box 260. Rile looks shocked
Box 261. Shows to tip of the revolver and it is a skull
Box 262. Rile screams "I know that gun!"
Box 263. Rile pointing at Noel "Where did you get that!?"
Box 264. Noel looking at Abel asks "You okay?"
Box 265. Abel coughs up some blood then says "Never better, see you got your things."
Box 266. Noel nods
Box 267. Noel turns his head looking towards Rile
Box 268. He helps Abel lean against some rumble
Box 269. He stands up staring at Rile
Box 270. Noel pushes his cloak back pulling out his gun "It's time to put you to rest."
Box 271. Rile growls
Box 272. Both rush each other.
Box 273. Rile punches but Noel dodges
Box 274. Noel grabs Riles left arm
Box 275. Throws him over his shoulder
Box 276. Aims his revolver at his upper right arm and shoots Rile.
Box 277. Rile grabs Noels leg 
Box 278. Rile Throws him towards a wall
Box 279. Noel kicks the wall and lands on the ground.
Box 280. Rile rushes at Noel
Box 281. Noel spin kicks knocking Rile backwards
Box 282.Shoots Rile in both of his lower arms
Box 283. Then He shoots Rile through the chest.
Box 284. Rile falls to his knees screaming
Box 285. Rile staring at Noel saying " You wont stop me! You can't stop me!"
Box 286. Noel shoots Rile through the leg
Box 287. Noel standing there staring down as Rile rests on one knee."You lost this fight."
Box 288. Rile starts to scream while kneeling
Box 290. A close up of all the bullet wounds starting to heal
Box 291. The seal on the demon starts to disintegrate
Box 292. Noel takes off his glasses showing his eyes glowing
Box 293. He looks up at the demon and raises his revolver.
Box 294. Rile Screams "It's pointless!" You've already used up all six shots!"
Box 295. Noel looks down at Rile and says "and God completeth by the seventh day His work which He hath made, and ceaseth by the seventh day from all His work which He hath made."
Box 296. Noel looks up at the demon "And the seventh shall put you to rest!"
Box 298. A loud echoing gun shot.
Box 299. Shows the demon vanishing as he bullet goes through its head.
Box 300. Rile screaming out in pain
Box 301. Rile falls to the floor as the demon fully vanishes
Box 302. Rile laying on the ground as blood starts to slowly seep out around him.
Box 303. Riles men run up grabbing Rile
Box 304. Tires peeling out as the retreat with Rile.
Box 305. Whole page. Noel standing as his cloak sways while he is holding his revolver and his hat casts a shadow over his eyes were you see one glare from his glasses and his other eye glowing.
Box 306. Abel walking towards Noel.
Box 308. Abel and Noel standing next to each other Abel says "So you just joined the military?"
Box 309. Noel looks at Abel "We'll talk."
Box 310. Both looking forward from a side view Noel says "We should take care of him first."
Box 311. Remington laying on the ground still partially bleeding 
Box 312. Both of them are picking him up
Box 313. Both are holding him up by his shoulders Abel says "I know a place we can take him. They'll patch him up real good."
Box 314. All three walking away ,Noel "Okay lets take him there."
Box 315. Walking away in the horizon
Box 316. Rattling of chains
Box 317. Mysterious man shrouded in a cloak with chains wrapped around him.
Box 316. He walks over to the rubble of the orphanage.
Box 318. He smells the air
Box 319. He looks down with one eye glowing
Box 320. He leans over and touches some blood on the ground
Box 321. He raises his hand and licks it off his fingers
Box 322. A large grin goes across his face
Box 323. As the figure starts walking into the shadows "Looks like I found you baby Brother"
Box 324. Smiling wile fading into darkness "And I want to play with you and your friends!"
Box 325. Highlighted chains with glowing eyes and a large grin surrounded by black.

To Be Continued.

Hope you enjoyed it! I'd love to hear feedback thoughts and any questions!

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